Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

⚽️ Compilation of the “ECE SPORT DAY – Staff and Student Relationship Building Project” Activities ⚽️

✨Given the current situation in our communities, fostering unity within the faculty is of paramount importance. Recognizing that students are the future pillars of the nation, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering student group organized the “ECE SPORT DAY” with the intention of strengthening relationships between faculty members and students. This event aimed to cultivate camaraderie, provide social interactions, and facilitate the exchange of various experiences among senior and junior students of the department.

✨The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering was honored to have Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teratam Bunyagul (Project Supervisor) deliver the opening remarks for the “ECE SPORT DAT” event. The gathering welcomed alumni and students. The sports competition took place at the RMA Football & Badminton Club in Nonthaburi on Saturday, November 11, 2566.

📅 Date: Saturday, November 11, 2566
🏢 Venue: RMA Football & Badminton Club, Nonthaburi Province